Are you 30-40 something & still single? Learn the Top 4 Behaviors that can either Spark or Stall True Love

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Listen to FREE Online Seminar and we will cover:

  • Learn the top 4 behaviors that are stalling your love life, and...
  • What it takes to turn it around and light the spark to attract true love
  • How to stop the clock from ticking and find soulmate love now
  • How to distinguish between the almost-but-not-quite types and a man who is soulmate material
  • Plus, learn about a high level opportunity to work with us in person

Tick tock, watching the clock. Where did all the time go?

How did it happen that you woke up one day and 30 came, (and went) then maybe even 40?

Now you may be wondering, when is it my turn for love? Look no further than this Online Seminar, where we will dive deep into how you may unintentionally be stalling true love, and how to turn it around so you can ignite the spark!

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We are all about love. We empower women through their relationships – helping single women love themselves, love their life, and attract the right man to love and be loved by. Our mission is to create more loving couples in the world and to help you live your best life.

Hosted by: Johnny and Lara Fernandez

This Offer Has Expired

Check our current program